building pool

When should I start building my swimming pool? Will I save money by not starting until winter when subcontractors are looking for work? Will the work go faster in the winter rather than summer when everyone is busy? These are all very good questions, however, it will depend on where you live, if you are located in Florida where they get lots of rainfall throughout the year, it may be best to build in the summer keeping in mind the amount of rail fall Florida gets you will still have many rain day delays, now if you live in Las Vegas, Arizona or Texas where temperatures reach into triple digits for most of the summer it may be best to build in the winter when you won’t need to worry about rain, the rainy months in Las Vegas and Arizona are July and August, (monsoon season). California mostly has mild weather throughout the year and on the east coast, you need to think about snow, rain, and adverse weather conditions.

Think carefully about the weather conditions in your home town, there is nothing worse than digging the pool installing the plumbing having the re-bar installed and just as you are ready to call in your first inspection here comes the rain and it dumps three days on the water on your beautiful work of art, there goes the excitement, now you’ll need to have the crews come back and dig the steel out from under the mud, this situation can add hundreds of dollars to your project.

The pool in the photo above is one of the lucky ones, they got it to the concrete shell, all they will need to do is pump out the water and they are back on track.

Be wise, watch the weather, and when things are looking good go for it!