steps to building your own pool

Once you decide to take on the task of building your pool, there are some very simple steps you must follow, the first one is the most difficult, deciding on the pools design, will make it easy for you, we are here to help as we have for so many others just like you, send us your chicken scratch drawing with all of your notes outlining your wants and needs, remember this is your pool so make it yours, add in the sunken bar, outdoor kitchen, under water sound system, the list goes on and on, in my next post I’ll share with you some great options that can be build into your swimming pool, some are expensive and some very affordable however these features can make you pool stand out from the rest.

So, to recap when planning out your swimming pool think, design, here at we have over 30 years of design and building experience designing swimming pools all over the world. we are professionals at designing swimming pool so let us help you design your backyard “Staycation”