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A Full Guide On How To Clean Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters

Swimming pools are a great source of fun and relaxation for many people, but they do require some maintenance to keep them in good condition and this maintenance is essential for ensuring that your pool is safe and enjoyable for all users. One important aspect of pool maintenance is cleaning the cartridge filters, which are responsible for removing dirt and debris from the water. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how to clean pool cartridge filters, including the tools and supplies you’ll need, the steps involved, and some helpful tips for keeping your filters clean and functioning properly.

Before we get into the details of how to clean your pool filters, it’s important to understand how they work.

How Cartridge filters work to clean your pool 

Cartridge filters are made up of a series of pleated paper or fabric filters that are housed in cylindrical housing. Water from the pool is pumped through the filters, which trap dirt, debris, and other contaminants, allowing clean water to flow back into the pool. Over time, these filters can become clogged with dirt and debris, which can reduce their effectiveness and cause problems with the overall circulation of the pool. That’s why it’s important to clean them on a timely basis.

So, how often should you clean your pool cartridge filters? It’s generally recommended to clean them every month or two, depending on how heavily the pool is used and the local climate. If you have a lot of leaves and debris in your pool, you may need to clean the filters more often. On the other hand, if you have a small, well-maintained pool that is used infrequently, you may be able to go longer between cleanings.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about cleaning your pool’s cartridge filters. From the tools and supplies, you’ll need to know the best way to clean pool filter cartridges, we’ve got you covered now that you have everything you need, it’s time to get started. Follow these steps to clean your pool cartridge filters:

Step 1: Gather your materials

Before you start the cleaning process, make sure you have all the necessary materials on hand. You will need:

  • A hose with a high-pressure nozzle: This will help you blast away dirt and debris from the filters.
  • A filter cartridge cleaning solution: These solutions are specifically designed to remove dirt and grime from cartridge filters and can be purchased at most pool supply stores.
  • A large bucket: You’ll need a place to soak the filters before cleaning them.
  • A pair of gloves: Protect your hands from the dirty water and chemicals you’ll be working with.
  • A towel or rag: This will come in handy for drying off the filters after cleaning.

Step 2: Remove the cartridge filter from the pool

The first step in cleaning your cartridge filter is to remove it from the pool. Depending on your filter system, this may involve loosening bolts or clips, or simply lifting the filter out of the filter housing. Follow the instructions in your filter manual to remove the cartridge filter from the pool.

Step 3: Rinse the cartridge filter with a hose

Once you have removed the cartridge filter from the pool, it is time to start the cleaning process. Begin by rinsing the filter thoroughly with a hose, using a powerful spray nozzle to remove any loose dirt or debris. This will help to loosen any stuck-on dirt and make it easier to clean the filter.

Step 4: Soak the cartridge filter in a cleaner or degreaser

After rinsing the cartridge filter, it is time to give it a deeper clean. Fill a bucket or large container with a pool filter cleaner or degreaser, and then place the cartridge filter inside. Follow the instructions on the cleaner or degreaser for how long to soak the filter (usually around 15-20 minutes).

Step 5: Scrub the cartridge filter with a brush

After soaking the cartridge filter, use a brush with stiff bristles to scrub the filter thoroughly. Pay particular attention to any areas where dirt or debris may be stuck, such as the pleats or folds in the cartridge. Use a back-and-forth motion to loosen and remove any dirt or debris.

Step 6: Rinse the cartridge filter again

Once you have finished scrubbing the cartridge filter, rinse it thoroughly with the hose again to remove any remaining dirt or cleaner. Be sure to rinse the filter until the water runs clear, indicating that it is clean.

Step 7: Dry the cartridge filter

Before reinstalling the cartridge filter in the pool, it is important to allow it to dry completely. This will help to prevent any residue or dirt from being carried back into the pool when the filter is reinstalled. Place the cartridge filter in a sunny spot and allow it to dry for a few hours, or overnight if possible.

Step 8: Reinstall the cartridge filter in the pool

Once the cartridge filter is dry, it can be reinstalled in the pool. Follow the instructions in your filter manual to properly install the filter back in the filter housing. By following these steps, you can easily clean your swimming pool’s cartridge filters and keep your pool water clean and clear all summer long.


Maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool requires regularly cleaning the cartridge filters in your pool. These procedures will help you maintain your filters so that your pool water is always clear and suitable for swimming. It’s important to keep in mind that filthy filters might decrease the effectiveness of your pool’s filtration system and perhaps harm the pump or other pool equipment. By incorporating proper swimming pool designs, such as efficient cartridge filters, you can ensure the optimal functioning of your pool’s filtration system. Maintaining your cartridge filters will allow you to take advantage of a clean, clear, and healthy pool all season long.

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great swimming pool designs
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So you have decided that you want an extravagant, relaxing and clear blue water swimming pool in your backyard. The next question is how to build a backyard pool? Before you start the entire process, read up on our well-ordered manual for building a pool so as to know the process. We separated the procedure so you can prepare and begin accomplishing the fantasy of the best swimming pool.

Design: The process to make another pool begins with the structure, so meet with a pool builder to examine the vision you have for your pool. While the plan procedure has been improved with the modern innovation, it takes some forward and backward coordinated effort to make sense of the ideal pool for your backyard.

Permitting: Most urban cities and townships to expect you to have a private structure license so as to assemble your backyard pool. Licenses impart to neighbors, city authorities, and nearby experts that you’re working in a legitimate and safe way. The time expected to acquire a grant can fluctuate incredibly. It can take somewhere in the range of multi-week to upwards of about a month and a half for certain structures, and all hold-up times rely upon to what extent authorities take to support licenses.

Excavation: While it generally just takes a couple of days to burrow for a pool establishment, some of the time confusion can emerge if access to the burrow site is limited by utility lines or different blocks.

Steel, Plumbing, and Electrical: After the pool is burrowed, it’s a great opportunity to lay the steel, course the electrical and pipes, and ensure the under-workings of your pool are set up for most extreme dependability. There is a lot of things to work around, for example, your frameworks, lighting, water highlights, spas, and other luxuries. This procedure ordinarily takes around about fourteen days relying upon the size and intricacy of your pool.

Type of Pool: It’s at long last time to introduce the “pool” portion. Based on what type you’re constructing, the procedure may take 1-3 weeks. Vinyl and Fiberglass pools are quicker as the fabricated pool liner is delivered and introduced legitimately. A gunite pool will take somewhat longer since a group must be booked, the team needs time to mortar, and it can take as long as seven days for the gunite to fix a while later.

Customization: After the pool base is finished, you should think about including arranging, water highlights, or custom lighting.

In the wake of planning, gaining licenses, uncovering, introducing the shell or gunite, and completing with a deck, you can, at last, make the most of your backyard swimming pool. While a few months can appear to be quite a while, it will be nothing in comparison to the long periods of fun that you will have in your new pool.

custom swimming pool designs
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  • In case you have been looking for a custom Las Vegas Pool Builder, there is a whole process to go about it. The entire project requires to be taken in a precise manner by a group of specialists. Keep reading to know more about choosing the best custom swimming pool builder:
  • First Interaction: The pool building procedure begins from the minute that you contact the organization. Take note of things like if they picked up the telephone inside a couple of rings, or did the call go to a voice message? Was the individual who picked up the telephone benevolent, or did they appear overpowered or even impolite? You need to discover a builder that is friendly, useful, and steady. A group that comprehends how to fabricate an incredible pool, yet additionally sets aside the effort to disclose things to you and help you to value the cautious tender loving care is going to be the best choice.
  • Assistance: While it’s optimal to work straightforwardly with the proprietor, many pool organizations essentially don’t give you a chance. It doesn’t need to be a major issue in case you’re working with a sales rep, however, in any event, you ought to be acquainted with the proprietor. Keep in mind to choose a company that assists you with the best guidance when it comes to structuring and manufacturing a pool.
  • Warranty: Legitimate pool developers wish to provide you an extraordinary pool. In case things turn out badly, you need to realize that your pool manufacturer will remain behind their work. When working with a company like My Pool Plans, it will be made sure that the pool is completed with a guarantee in advance, before you’ve even marked the agreement to begin the work.
  • References: Since building a pool is a detailed job, make sure that you choose only the company that has a good reputation. Take references from the clients that the organization has worked with already to get a good reputation. Another way to get the best references is through the subcontractors that the pool company has worked with. You can get a fair idea of the workings of the company by talking to the sub contractors.

My Pool Plans is one organization that will enable you to construct your own one of a kind custom pool to enable you to chill off this mid-year. When you’re hunting down pool developers, there are a few choices in Las Vegas. In any case, how would you tell who has the correct understanding and notoriety? By furnishing you with however much data as could reasonably be expected about the pool building process, we trust that you will feel great with us and realize that My Pool Plans is the correct Las Vegas Custom Pool Builder for you.

indoor swimming pool design guidelines
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Want To Know How To Build An indoor Pool?

The decision to build an indoor pool is extraordinary. It gives you a feeling of security and privacy at the same time. A swimming pool can be utilized around the year and the climate would not aggravate your swimming timetable because of the pool. It doesn’t gather fallen leaves or broken branches which are basic issues with outside pools. Indoor pools are an ideal articulation of extravagance in homes and an ideal spot to organize parties all year. In light of these sensational favorable circumstances, indoor pools are getting to be well known crosswise over the home and private complex. Property holders are choosing to build them increasingly.

Here is the Top Indoor Swimming Pool Design Guidelines:


The first step towards building an indoor swimming pool is to make sure is to start the planning of the materials, size, shape, and placement of the pool. Do you as of now have a space that can be changed into a pool region or would you say you are taking a shot at including another structure where the pool would be set? The accessible space would decide the shape and size of the pool. In this way, you should ensure that you have a proper space to house the indoor pool. When you are measuring the pool, you should likewise consider the space for enhancements and pool hardware. It ought to be huge enough to house the gear and should likewise be available for cleaning, upkeep, and fixes.

Laws and Guidelines

The next step is to delve into the structure, laws, and guidelines of your area. You can counsel the structure guideline specialist to become acquainted with in the event that you need any licenses to manufacture an indoor pool. Else, you can counsel indoor swimming pool builders, as they are educated about laws and upkeep guidelines.

Structural Integrity and Waterproofing

Structural integrity and waterproofing is the most significant things from the security perspective. In the event that an indoor pool isn’t appropriately waterproofed, the water can make shape and buildup develop, yet it can clear into burden-bearing individuals from the structure, influencing their quality. Along these lines, you should put additional accentuation on the waterproofing.

Cost and Construction

The last part is for cost and construction. This is the place you should counsel a pool developer. Because of ventilation, waterproofing, and structure, the expense of indoor pools varies from open-air pools. The development systems additionally change as indicated by the plan, and nature of the dirt. The general protection cost of both indoor and open-air pools may likewise contrast.
Thus, when you are computing speculation and the operational expense of the pool, you should think about home protection cites for indoor and outside pool. Along these lines, you can settle on an educated choice in view of operational expenses.

We hope Our indoor swimming pool design guidelines will help you on each step of build an indoor pool.

Give all the given points a necessary consideration before giving a go to the building project of the swimming pools.

You can learn more about Swimming Pool Design or Contact US for more information


best swimming pool construction in las vegas
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In case you have been thinking about getting a major family pool in your lawn for your children to play during the sweltering summer months then it is the right time to start looking for a professional company to handle the job? Wouldn’t it be extraordinary to have a pool incorporated with your backyard that isn’t incredible for remaining cool in, however, adds magnificence to your home? Pinnacle Pools is a pool development organization that can assist you with the completion of the swimming pool construction in Las Vegas. Our pool development organization in Las Vegas is a standout amongst the most looked for after pool and spa establishment organizations in the region.

We are an honor-winning organization known for our polished skill in structure pools and spas. We offer you a free estimate on how much your undertaking will be. There is no responsibility. Our costs are truly sensible and contend with different organizations. We aren’t discussing the sort of pool that you essentially load up with water, our pools are worked to keep going for a considerable length of time. They are made with the best materials that keep the structure of the swimming pool tough and steady. We cooperate with you to make them coordinate your deck and yard in a lovely manner. To add significantly more appeal to your pool we have tile complements that simply change your pool from a decent inherent pool to an attractive and long-standing pool. You pick just what you need.

The team of the company will help you to look out for the best mortar settings and tile complements. We additionally have a substance that is intended to give considerably more assurance to your pool. Your dream to get the best swimming pool begins right from this place where you get assistance to build the absolute best swimming pools. The final result will not only increase the appeal of your property but it will also make sure that the swimming pool stays for the longest time possible. You can get familiar with all the services we provide after getting in touch with us. More than likely you’ll like what you see. Call us to know more about these services and get a free quotation.


build your own swimming pool
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If you have decided to build your own swimming pool then follow the step-by-step guide given below to know more about the right procedure of building a private swimming pool.

  • The Paperwork: The very first step in building your own swimming pool is to get the paperwork in place. It starts from the layout of the design to its design and then going for the approval. This is an extremely crucial step in building a swimming pool and must be given proper consideration.

  • Excavation: After the affirmation of the Council, it is then the turn of getting the process of pool excavation in place. The excavator and trucks will arrive and begin the removal of the pool. Despite the fact that it isn’t important to remain nearby after the excavation, it is prudent to get the three-day weekend work and remain nearby until the process is finished.

  • Steel Fixing: After the uncovering, the steel fixers come in to do the steel fixing. Their activity, basically, is to make steel confine around the entire inside surface of the pool, for the solid to be splashed to. The steel fixers imprint out advances and seats at this stage. After they have completed, the time has come to pre-plumb the inside of the pool.

  • Concreting: The completion of the steel fixing gives rise to the process of concreting. Concreting is again a very important step.

  • Plumber: A plumber will require you to have chosen where you might want your siphon and channel arranged in your yard before he gets to the site.

  • Landscaping: This is the stage where the landscaping will be carried out and squares will be conveyed and built/laid. The adapting and waterline tiles are laid on a bed of sand and bond by authorized experts. Development joints will likewise be introduced to take into consideration solid development. On account of extra clearing outside the pool adapting, a further extension joint will be introduced between the pool top and the encompassing piece.

  • Fence Inspection: After the pipes and landscaping has been finished, and before the stone is introduced, you should have the fence reviewed by a private certifier. Give an expert a chance to arrange your pool fence assessment.

  • Final hand over: This is the last step where the pool will be handed over to the customers.
building pool
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Should Building pool in the Summer or Winter

When should I start building my swimming pool? Will I save money by not starting until winter when subcontractors are looking for work? Will the work go faster in the winter rather than summer when everyone is busy? These are all very good questions, however, it will depend on where you live, if you are located in Florida where they get lots of rainfall throughout the year, it may be best to build in the summer keeping in mind the amount of rail fall Florida gets you will still have many rain day delays, now if you live in Las Vegas, Arizona or Texas where temperatures reach into triple digits for most of the summer it may be best to build in the winter when you won’t need to worry about rain, the rainy months in Las Vegas and Arizona are July and August, (monsoon season). California mostly has mild weather throughout the year and on the east coast, you need to think about snow, rain, and adverse weather conditions.

Think carefully about the weather conditions in your home town, there is nothing worse than digging the pool installing the plumbing having the re-bar installed and just as you are ready to call in your first inspection here comes the rain and it dumps three days on the water on your beautiful work of art, there goes the excitement, now you’ll need to have the crews come back and dig the steel out from under the mud, this situation can add hundreds of dollars to your project.

The pool in the photo above is one of the lucky ones, they got it to the concrete shell, all they will need to do is pump out the water and they are back on track.

Be wise, watch the weather, and when things are looking good go for it!

steps to building your own pool
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Building Your Own Pool

Once you decide to take on the task of building your pool, there are some very simple steps you must follow, the first one is the most difficult, deciding on the pools design, will make it easy for you, we are here to help as we have for so many others just like you, send us your chicken scratch drawing with all of your notes outlining your wants and needs, remember this is your pool so make it yours, add in the sunken bar, outdoor kitchen, under water sound system, the list goes on and on, in my next post I’ll share with you some great options that can be build into your swimming pool, some are expensive and some very affordable however these features can make you pool stand out from the rest.

So, to recap when planning out your swimming pool think, design, here at we have over 30 years of design and building experience designing swimming pools all over the world. we are professionals at designing swimming pool so let us help you design your backyard “Staycation”